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Musa Sulejmani
Entrepreneur | Engineer

Creating memorable experiences with software.

Tensor Social
Design and Development
Indie Development
Design and Development


I have a rich and diverse skill set in all aspects of software engineering. From ideation, designing, development, and commercialization. I've worked with over 250+ of developers around the world that have brought my vision and clients' visions to life. Together we've designed, developed and released 100+ mobile and web applications with a combined 100M+ users. Across all projects, I've amassed $1B+ in enterprise value through investments, engineering support, and profitability.

Volume Apps
Founder, Principal Partner
Jan 2018 — Present
Tensor Social
Aug 2018 — Aug 2021
Indie Developer
Design and Development
Jul 2014 — Jul 2020
Patented Inventor
Legal and Engineering
Jul 2016 — Jul 2020

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