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Project Overview
Behind every movement is a visionary with an idea. An idea shared with someone trusted becomes a community. Volume Apps was built under the pretense of being a trusted partner in bringing clients' ideas to life. From ideation to market release and maintenance, we satisfied the needs of dozens of clients.
My Contributions
Amid the blockchain craze of 2017 and 2018, I helped relevant companies architect their technology, roadmap their product development, and build their technology in alignment with marketing efforts. I helped dozens of companies roadmap from ideation to raising millions of dollars to building a products with hundreds of thousands of users.
Volume Apps was created to help founders bring order to the chaos of product development. By developing a system for product development from idea to market, we were able to help companies get to market quicker, raise strategic money more effectively, and get user feedback more easily. This process enabled us to help dozens of founders world wide.

Our philosophy was simple but effective. Work fast but find order in chaos. An methodology unadopted by other software developers. Our product roadmapping system allows us to find wholes in software before its too late and budgets have to increase. This lets us get MVPs done quicker and more effectively. By getting MVPs done, clients can in return raise strategic money faster and get user feedback. It's an effective cycle.

What I learned in Volume Apps and continue to learn every day is just how unique every project is, but by applying some order in a sea of chaos with the ever changing world of technology you would be blown away at how much more effectively you can build software. This is a lesson I've taken to many other projects, talks, and consulting I've given.

While Volume Apps  is still an operating investment entity, the consulting division is no longer active, software development operations as a service have been sunset as of Jan 2022.
Volume Apps
Jan 2018 - Present

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