Tensor Social

Design and Development
Project Overview
The goal was to reimagine the landscape of social media intelligence. How can we look turn social media marketing, a traditionally quantitatively analyzed field, into a qualitative analysis field? By completely rethinking the metrics of social media marketing; primarily by using psychographic and behavioral insights.

As of August 2021, Tensor Social exited at an above market Enterprise Value / Revenue (EV/R). Tensor Social remains active and helping customers around the world find the best creators across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.
My Contribution
I ideated Tensor after getting scammed by an influencer for $15,000. The promise of an authentic audience with high impressions and an engaged audience lead me to believe my app would reach my target market. However, the opposite was true; I was scammed. This lead me to create my own discovery tool and analysis tool that eventually turned into Tensor Social.
Tensor Social
Aug 2018 - Aug 2021
Tensor Social was the brainchild of many things I was trying to accomplish with influencer marketing, social intelligence, and account auditing. I wanted the ability to find any account using relevant filters, digest comprehensive reports, and one place to organize all my influencer relationship activities. A place where I could get my product in the hands of millions with the click of a button.

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