Queue Wait Time Estimation System

Legal and Engineering
Project Overview
The patented Queue Wait Time Estimation System (Patent No. 10,282,763 and 10,417,670) was built to solve a problem we face every day, wait times, with a tool we carry everywhere, our smartphones. The Queue Wait Time Estimation System uses a combination of smartphone sensors and proprietary movement detection algorithms to calculate estimated wait times.

The iOS app No More Waiting in Line is powered using the Queue Wait Time Estimation System. The app can be downloaded here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/no-more-waiting-in-line/id1276926505
My Contributions
My role in the development of the patented Queue Wait Time Estimation System was in legal and in software development. In terms of development, I was involved with both backend and frontend development. I incepted, architected, and coded the wait time detection, averaging, and predicting algorithms. Additionally, I assisted my legal representation with documenting software architecture for the patenting process.

Research and development began in Summer 2014, original provisional patent was filed in Summer 2016, and official patent was published Spring 2019. As of summer 2020, there are continuation applications active in the area of using the patent portfolio for measuring the effectiveness of shelter-at-home orders, social distancing, and contact tracing.
The idea for the Queue Wait Time Estimation System was incepted while I was in line waiting for lunch, thinking to myself "I should have known about this line before getting here." Original research began in 2014 by thinking creatively about the devices around us, their sensors, and how we can use the information already at our disposable to solve everyday problems. In this case, utilizing something in everyones pocket, a smartphone, to detect and calculate wait times. A novel problem that everyone faces daily.

The Queue Wait Time Estimation System is a perfect example of using complex processes to solve simple problems. This software utilities many facets of modern technology; internet-of-things, machine learning, and big data.

This IP has been fully licensed and exited to Google LLC, a subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc.
Published Patent Holder
Legal and Development
Jul 2016 — Jul 2020

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